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Flood Damage Update

Flood Damage Update- 25th August 2015


It has been a very busy summer holiday, for the school, with all efforts being made to ensure we can open and function as normal in September.


The process has been a difficult one as most contractors are fully booked over this period as it is a popular time for works to be done in schools. Also all works have had to have quotes that need to be agreed by the independent loss adjuster. 


Work began last week with more of the damaged flooring being removed and areas being prepped for new carpeting etc. A container is being delivered today/tomorrow to store the contents of the school hall & Calm Room so that the whole floor can be taken up. There is still water sitting underneath that will need sufficient time to dry out before next steps are taken. This can take 10 days drying time per millimetre (depth).


Mars and Venus classes have now been carpeted as well as the library. Unfortunately all the bookcases were damaged so we are awaiting confirmation to go ahead and order new ones.


My office floor was removed today and again water was discovered underneath. The staffroom floor is also being removed today and it was discovered that all the plinths in the kitchen area are water damaged and will need replacing. There are also several doors around the school that will need to be replaced too.


The school hall will definitely be out of use for most of the first half of term- possibly longer. This will impact on assemblies, lunchtimes, PE, clubs etc but we will do everything we can to minimize disruption to the children.


Breakfast Club will also be affected but they will continue to have the dining room space to use as well as outside. Mrs McGuire, sadly, resigned at the end of July and we wish her well in her new job. She will be missed not only at Breakfast Club but also in her role as an MSA.


So as you can see the events of the night of the 16th July have had a major impact on the school and will continue to do so well into the Autumn Term.


Thank you again for your continued support and I look forward to seeing you all next week!


Claire Gunn